Event: Men's Overnight
Location: New York City, NY
Date/Time: April 16th, 2004 - April 18th, 2004
Contact: Les Barton, 978-283-5995, lesbarton@safetyinsurance.com
Jim Gillis, 978-283-5995, jim.gillis@vsea.com
Description: Couples have been doing it since the beginning, and the ladies have been doing it for a few years, so now it is time for Team Testosterone to get their chance.

Announcing the first Mass Miata Club men’s overnight trip

The plan so far is to head down to New York City to attend the New York International Auto Show. This will be an unusual trip for us as it involves no driving and no Miatas. What’s up with that?, you might ask. But after some discussion, it was decided to let someone else do the driving into the Big Apple, so we can start the good times early.

We will be traveling by bus into the city. Some of us will be traveling down late Friday afternoon, but if you cannot make it until Saturday arrangements can be made to meet at the show. The buses leave out of South Station at 3:00PM in Boston, and the MBTA Riverside Station in Newton at 3:20PM, or Shoppers World in Framingham.
All of the buses leave out of Boston with some stopping in Newton and some in Framingham. Both the Framingham and Newton locations have overnight parking. Some of the buses even show movies (no Al, they are not X-Rated) , and the cost is $50.00 for a round trip ticket. There are buses that leave every half hour so I would like to get a general consensus from people that are thinking of going for an approximate departure time, and location.
As far as a hotel, we are looking at the Ramada New Yorker. It is located near the Jacob Javits Center where the Auto show is being held. Also close by are the Empire State Building, and The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. Currently through Hotels.com a rate of $119.00 is available, which for the city is not a bad rate. And remember, “to save some money double up with a buddy”. Rooms with two beds are available.
The itinerary at this time is to travel to the city on Friday. Then spend Saturday morning and afternoon at the show. The show will have many concept cars, along with all the new 2004 and 2005 vehicles including the new Mazdaspeed Turbo Miata. After that we can hit the city and try to stay out of trouble (that means you Mr. Lannin). Possibly on Sunday before we head back (if it as not been to late of an evening) we can spend a few hours at the Intrepid Museum. If anyone has any good ideas about the city such as restaurants, bars, pubs, please let me know.
This trip is still in the planning stages and none of us are experts about NYC so your input would be appreciated.

Please contact either myself, Les Barton or Jim Gillis at the email or phone information above.

No group reservations have been made so it will be your responsibility to make all travel, and room reservations.
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