Event: Meeting - Ira Mazda
Location: Monthly Meeting at Ira Mazda
Danvers, MA
Date/Time: May 2nd, 2004/11:00:00 AM
Contact: Art Caira, 603-799-5969, artcaira@comcast.net
Description: The monthly business meeting will take place first followed by a light lunch buffet sponsored by IRA Mazda.

There will be MAZDA-SPEED Miatas available for viewing and maybe for a test drive as well as service and sales people to answer any of your questions.

Weather and time permitting, an ice cream ride will be offered.
As IRA Mazda will be providing lunch, your reservations are requested by April 27th.
PLEASE NOTE!!! My email service will be temporarily down, while I have it transferred from my Florida address, beginning April 21st to sometime in May.

Please call 603-799-5969 during that time with your reservations. Email reservations will be accepted prior to April 21st.
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