Event: Cape Ann Kayaking Trip
Location: Cape Ann, MA
Date/Time: July 24th, 2004/11:30:00 AM
Contact: Jim & Debbie Gillis, 978-283-5995, Gillis@gis.net
Rob & Rachel Smelstor, 978-937-5165, Robsmelstor@hotmail.com


The kayak trip scheduled July 24th is now limited to stand-by availability only.
We now have about 12 MassMiata kayak tour reservations. ERBA has informed us that because of the unusually high number of DNC weekend reservations and limited tour guides, any future reservations taken will be on stand-by status. ERBA said they will cancel another tour for us, if there are enough people on stand-by.
So...if you have an interest in this tour, please call ERBA direct at 978-768-3722, ASAP.
They said they will continue to take stand-by reservations after July 10th.
Please remember to RSVP, Jim or Rob anytime before the trip (see info, July calendar) if you are going on the road trip and/or the kayak tour.

Saturday, July 24th is the day we're planning for driving, dining and a layed-back sunset kayak tour of the beautiful Cape Ann area north of Boston. There will be something for everyone!
We will meet at 11:30am at the Beverly Rest Stop just after exit 19 on Rte 128 North.
There will be gas, food (Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King) and rest rooms if you need them.
Be sure to get some snacks, we won't be eating until mid-afternoon.
The first part of the day will be a driving tour through several towns in the Cape Ann area.
Our ride will be a variety of winding scenic shore roads and some rolling country settings in the area.
About half way through our drive we will plan a rest stop.

The plan for the day will include a stop for an early dinner about 3:00pm.
Bring your appetite, because we are making a stop at Woodman's (www.woodmans.com) in Essex.
They are famous for large servings of great clams, seafood and pick your own lobster. Woodman's is a very casual, "listen for your number", indoor/outdoor setting.

For those who want to share a great experience off the road for a while, we will drive up the street after dinner to meet at Essex River Basin Adventures (www.ERBA.com) for a sunset kayak tour.
We plan to gather at 5:00pm for some instruction for first time kayak "Paddlers" and information for our (6-8pm) sunset tour. The tour will be in the tranquil basin of the Essex River, and include about one guide for every four people.
Some things you may want to bring: Bathing suit or shorts, t-shirt and a light cover up, watersocks or an old pair of sneakers, your feet will get wet, insect spray, drinking water, change of clothes.

Kayak tour reservations can be made by calling E.R.B.A. DIRECTLY, 978-768-3722.
Kayak tour reservations should be made by July 10th. Reservations can be made after that date, but this tour fills up fast during peak season. Tour cost is $37.00 per person.
Reservations can be made on a credit card, and cancellations can be made up to 72 hours before the tour.
Be aware E.R.B.A. only cancels a tour because of wind or lightning, if it rains, the tour is still on! If you are a no show, and did not cancel 72 hours before the tour your card will be charged.
See the web site or call ERBA for more details. Make the Sunset Kayak Tour reservations Direct with E.R.B.A. 978-768-3722

For this day trip, please RSVP to:
Jim & Deb, gillis@gis.net 978-283-5995, or:
Rob & Rachel, RobSmelstor@hotmail.com 978-937-5165

Day Planner:
Meet 11:30am
Drive 11:45-3:00
Dinner 3:00-5:00
Kayak Info 5:00-6:00
Kayak Tour 6:00-8:00pm

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