Event: Mystery Hill Drive
Location: Explore Mystery Hill Caves in Salem NH &
Car Show at Skip's Drive-in, Merrimack MA
Date/Time: August 7th, 2004/11:00:00 AM
Contact: Sheila Grenon, 978 376-8042, MiataSheila@aol.com
Al Meola, 978 764-2053, albythe1@aol.com

On August 7th , 2004, Our Destination is a Mystery…,
Mystery Hill that is, or what is commonly known as America's Stonehenge, which is located in Salem NH.

We will meet at 11:00 am at the Loop Mall in Methuen MA. The Loop is conveniently located off Route 213 ("The Loop Connector") in Methuen, MA, between I-93 and I-495. Take Exit 4 , ("Pleasant Valley St.") and bear right. Then turn right at the first or second set of lights to enter the Loop Mall. We will be waiting for you in front of Stop & Shop.

From there we will take a short ride over back roads to our destination. Plan on packing a picnic lunch, as there are both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Admission is $8.50 ($7.50-seniors), unless we have enough participation to secure a group discount. Touring and exploring the grounds is expected to take 90 minutes. You can eat your lunch at any time you wish, when you first arrive or after you've explored the grounds. We recommend an early lunch.

For more than you ever wanted to know about Mystery Hill, click on:
Mystery Hill Info or America's StoneHenge
Please note that all the Pagan Sacrificial Ritual re-enactments are entirely voluntary ....
see al for full details!

At around 2:30, we will re-group in the parking area for a scenic drive around southeastern NH, eventually arriving at Skip's Restaurant, in Merrimac MA. Skip's hosts a cruise night every other Saturday night, and they will reserve a space just for us to display our cars. You can peruse the cars on display at your leisure, participate in any of the events, and grab some dinner. Ice Cream is available at Skip's or, depending on time, we can stop on our scenic drive, for a little snack.
Be there to help us solve the Mystery!

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