Event: Year 2005 Events!
Location: Here are some Events already Planned for 2005!
Keep your Calendars Open!
Stay Tuned for more details in the up coming months!
Date/Time: December 31st, 2004
Contact: Sheila Grenon, 1-978-376-8042, Activities@MassMiata.net
Upcoming Events for 2005

It's not too early to start thinking about next year's events!
Although details have not been finalized keep the following dates open:

"Miata Club Holiday Party"
Date: Saturday and Sunday, January 8 and 9, 2005
Eastland Park Hotel, Portland Maine
Contacts: Shelley and Bob Goren Shelley987@aol.com

The details have been finalized!
Make your reservations soon!
For all the information, click on:
Miata Club Holiday Party

Miatas in Moab May 13-15, 2005

If you have the time and the interest to take a Miata trip across most of the country to Utah in May 2005, and then take some scenic tours of various National Parks, check out the Utah Miata Club's WEB site at: http://www.teamzoom.net/miatasinmoab/

Some members of the Mass Miata Club are planning to caravan out to the event. Hotel rooms at the event headquarters are limited so if you might want to go, I suggest you reserve a room shortly.
Here is a write up of the event taken from their WEB site.

"Come join the Utah Miata club for More Miatas in Moab. Moab, Utah is the gateway to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Visit Dead Horse Point State Park and see for yourself the dramatic red cliffs scaled by Tom Cruise in the movie Mission Impossible. This is redrock country at it's best! Fill your days with short or long drives. There are plenty of roads to go zoom zooming. Or go shopping, hiking, fishing, biking, river rafting, take a tour of the local winery or go horseback riding. Whatever tickles your fancy! Each day we will split up into small groups and do whatever activity suits our whims at the time. Each evening we will gather for a social hour or two and share our stories with each other. "

Contact: Bob Lannin at president@massmiata.net for more details.
Periodically check this link for updated information: MOAB Trip
Miata Weekend in St.Andrews By The Sea
New Brunswick, Canada
Aug 26-28, 2005

Janet & I are looking into doing a MMC trip to St. Andrews By The Sea in New Brunswick, Canada on Aug. 26-28,2005. This will be a weekend trip Fri.-Sun. (two nights) or you can make it longer and maybe head on to Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island.

We would like to book an entire inn for the weekend. The only people at the inn would be Miata owners. Since this would take some time and coordination we need to know if there is any interest in this trip.

One of the inns we’re looking at has a total of 28 rooms. Cost is around $110.00 +sales tax USD for a standard room. Ocean view and Deluxe Suite are more money. I don’t have the exact costs because room costs will be based on how many rooms we book as a group. If we book the entire inn we’ll get a better rate then booking 15 rooms. However, I don’t want to book the entire inn if we only have a need for15 rooms. Our other idea was to open this event up to another club or clubs so again we can fill the inn with Miata enthusiast if we can’t fill it with MMC members.

I can tell you a few things about this inn but not the name right now--not until ALL the details have been worked out and we’ve booked the rooms. The inn is a former estate on 20 acres of woods, featuring a large lawn, formal gardens, and century-old sculptured hedges. All rooms are equipped with a tub and shower, telephone, cable TV, and air conditioning. The inn also has a dinning room, bar (Happy Hour 4:30-6:00), tennis courts, heated outdoor pool, whirlpool spa. Yes, there is a golf course a 1/2-mile away (18-hole par 71… if you can fit the clubs in the Miata:>)…or you can rent them.

So, if you think you may be interested please let us know (ASAP) and we can get an idea on the number of rooms we will need. I know this event is a year away but St. Andrews is a popular vacation spot, and we have to book a year ahead to get good accommodations.

You can read the attached on St. Andrews and go to www.standrewsnb.ca/ for more information on the town and New Brunswick www.new-brunswick.net/

Janet and I have been to St. Andrews and know this would be a GREAT trip with something for everyone to do and enjoy. In closing I would ask that you contact us at
dcichocki@adelphia.net or 1-603-432-5849 and let us know if you’d be interested.

We have an appointment in Sept. to meet with the innkeeper to work out the details and stay/eat and view the inn. We also have backup plans (other inns) if this inn doesn’t work out for us. The details, cost/date, etc of the trip will be in a Fall MMC newsletter.

Hope you can join us in St. Andrews Aug.2005,
Janet & Donn Cichocki dcichocki@adelphia.net 1-603-432-5849
Mass Miata Club http://www.massmiata.net/
Periodically check here for updated information: August Miata Calendar

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