Event: Miata's at Moab
Location: Miata's at Moab Utah
Updated Info!
Date/Time: May 13th, 2005 - May 15th, 2005
Contact: Bob Lannin, TBA, president@MassMiata.net
Miatas in Moab May 13-15, 2005

If you have the time and the interest to take a Miata trip across most of the country to Utah in May 2005, and then take some scenic tours of various National Parks, check out the Utah Miata Club's WEB site at: http://www.teamzoom.net/miatasinmoab/

Some members of the Mass Miata Club are planning to caravan out to the event. Hotel rooms at the event headquarters are limited so if you might want to go, I suggest you reserve a room shortly.
Here is a write up of the event taken from their WEB site:

Greetings Miata Enthusiasts!

I just wanted to share with everyone how excited I am for the upcoming "Miatas in Moab" event! We have already filled up the Best Western Canyonlands Inn and we are rapidly booking the extra 30 rooms held for our event at the River Canyon Lodge.

At today's monthly club luncheon the "Miatas in Moab" souvenir shirts were unveiled! I was so thrilled with them that I bought 3 items Myself! This time around we are trying to offer more styles and colors to choose from and we hope that you will all order early and have your shirts shipped to you so you can wear them between now and the time of the event. The proceeds from the sale of the shirts will be used to provide prizes and refreshments at the event. You can order your shirts and check out pricing and shipping details on the Miatas in Moab website. www.teamzoom.net/miatasinmoab

I am currently working on gaining more sponsorship from dealerships and auto repair shops. Be sure to check out our "sponsors page" to see who has so generously offered to help make this event as fun and successful as the first one!

If you know of any fellow enthusiasts who have not yet signed up for the event, tell them it's not too late! We still want to see more participants! The more the merrier! Check the website every now and again , I'll be working on an itinerary and we will have an "activities" page posted. Keep in mind the "flavor" of this event. . . lots of "miatitude" and a dose of sponteniety! I won't have every minute of your day planned for you, but we will have some drives scheduled and "drive leaders" lined up. If YOU are interested in leading a drive be sure to let Me know so I can be sure firm up the details before the event.

Thanks in advance for your participation in this event. I know we will all have a wonderful time!

See you in May!

Zoom Zoom!

Wanda Bates, Utah Miata Club, "Miatas in Moab" Event Coordinator

Contact: Bob Lannin at president@massmiata.net for more details.
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