Event: Renegade Go-Karting Event
Location: Racing America
Route 1, 208 North St. Foxboro, MA 02035
Sponsored by the Renegade Maita Club
Date/Time: March 11th, 2006
Contact: Will Martins, webmaster@renegademiata.net

The Renegade Miata club is sending feelers out for a cross-club go-karting event tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 11.  The details are listed below.

If you are interested, please contact Will Martins,
Place: Racing America,

Route 1, 208 North St.
Foxboro, MA 02035





Greetings fellow Miata Clubs!


I'm putting this email out as a feeler for a proposed cross-club event.  Renegade Miata Club hosted a go-kart racing event at Racing America last year with great success.  Our members had such a great time that they insisted we do it again this year.  In the spirit of cameraderie with our fellow Miata/Mazda clubs, we'd like to invite you to join the fun this year!  You can see a brief write-up and some pictures from the event here:








There are several race formats available including mini grand-prix, grand-prix, and an endurance race.  The mini-GP guarantees each participant two qualifying races plus the chance to complete in the final race.  The grand-prix is similar to the mini-GP, however there are three qualifying races and one final race. The GP and mini-GP races are 'every man for himself', meaning there are no teams.  Endurance races are run with teams of 4 or more drivers.  There is a given amount of time, say two hours, and team with the most amount of laps wins.  There are a number of mandatory pit-stops and driver changes, so organization and cooperation are very important!


Pricing would be in the area of $45-65 per person, depending on the format of the race.  We would also arrange for catered lunch or a luncheon reception at a local restaurant, depending on turnout.  Since Racing America requires non-refundable payment in advance, we would have to ask the same from participating members.  This is exactly how the RMC event was run last year and it all went off without a hitch!


We have the date penciled in as Saturday, March 11th.  The event would be held in mid-morning with lunch arrangements immediately following.  Racing America is in Foxboro, MA.


At this point I'd appreciate a response on whether or not your club would be interested in joining the fun.  The next step would be to get a tentative head count so we could start to formalize a plan.  Once that is done, we would send out a communication for people to register and send payment.  If we do an endurance event (which I think is the way to go), members could make up their own teams and we could fill in spaces where required.


I think this is a great opportunity to shake off winter's cobwebs and get together for a fun event!  If you have never been to a karting race or endurance event, this is not to be missed!  Racing America does a great job in hosting groups of all sizes.  There will be trophies available and we may also seek sponsorship for prizes, etc., depending on expected turnout.


We welcome any all feedback, comments, suggestions, and questions!  Please let us know your thoughts so we can make this event a huge success!



Will Martins


Renegade Miata Club




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