Event: Strip Poker Run
Location: and Charity Clothing Drive
Downtown Boston
Date/Time: April 1st, 2007/12:00:00 PM - 06:00:00 PM
Contact: Jon Weinberg, activities@massmiata.net
Meet at high noon at the Boston Common.

  • Our challenging course will take us to various Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks as it winds its way through downtown Boston side streets (and traffic)
  • At each checkpoint the driver will draw a card. Driver and passenger will take off the drawn number of articles of clothing - face cards count as 10, aces as 1
  • All clothing will be donated to the Salivation Army
  • At the end we'll take a group picture and prizes will be awarded for drivers and passengers:
    • with the least and most clothes left on their bodies
    • with the best sunburn
    • with the most goosebumps
Last minute details:
  • Event is snow or shine
  • Make sure your heater is working
  • Oh, and April fools!

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