Event: Spring Tech Day
Location: Break out the Miatas for another fun season
Main St Auto - Clinton Ma
Date/Time: April 14th, 2012
Contact: Bob Baylis, 978-368-0088, mainstreetauto@verizon.net
Description: Spring is right around the corner (unless winter hasn't started yet) and that means Tech Day at Main Street Automotive!

Everyone will be cleaning the dust off their cars and getting them ready for a great Miata season.

This will be a hands-on day for all those who like to do their own work or who want to learn from watching others work on their/your car. This is also a great opportunity to get help installing things like CB radios, air horns, intakes, etc. from those members who have done them before.

Bob, Dave, Steve and Chris will all be available to help you with your parts installation. We request that all work be done with our tools to avoid confusion over ownership.

If you need a dent or ding repaired Dent Wizard will be at the shop (Please call for appointment)

The fun will begin at 8:00 AM.  Coffee and donuts will be waiting. Pizza and soda will be served at noon. All attendees are asked to contribute $5.00 toward the purchase of food. We plan to wrap up around 2:30 PM followed by a run to Rota Spring Farm for ice cream.

For directions to the shop click on this Map Quest link and enter your home address in the Get Directions section of the page. Note that people using GPS systems seemed to have much less difficulty finding the shop.

NOTE that all projects must be complete-able on Tech Day. If you are planning a large job and aren't sure how long it will take, please call us in advance so we can help you with a time estimate.

Due to the increase popularity of this event, only the following repair work will be provided by Bob/Main Street Automotive on Tech Day:

• Custom Exhaust/pipe bending - Please call ahead to schedule this service!

•MA Inspections and stickers - $29.00

•Oil Changes with Mazda filters - $32.00 (includes tax and EPA)

•Spring Check Ups

•4-Wheel Alignment - $79.95 - only 3 will be scheduled for this date so book early

•Installation of Miata Accessories

•Installing new Wheels and Tires, or changing your winter snows for you summer tires for those of you who drove through the winter. (Please call ahead if you need new tires and would like us to provide them). Please note: Any parts provided by Main Street Automotive will include the standard parts mark up.

Note that you must call or email ahead of time to schedule larger jobs like alignments, custom exhaust/pipe bending work and tire mounting/balancing so you won't be disappointed if there are no openings left when you arrive.

There is no charge for you doing your own work with your own parts and fluids. Should you need them; the following will be available to purchase:

•Oil (for doing the changing) - $3.00/qt

•Mazda oil filters - $6.95

There will also be a Miata Parts Swap. Bring any parts you would like to sell. Tables will be set up for sales. You must stay with your items or clearly mark them with your name and the price. We will not assume responsibly for parts that walk away. Main Street Automotive will not sell your parts for you, handle transactions or provide Credit Card service.  

Now for the legal stuff:

The Mass Miata Club and Main Street Automotive will not be held liable for any injuries you may receive while doing work on your car, or for any damage your car may receive from your installation of parts. You will be required to sign a release-of-liability waiver before you perform any work on the premises.

That being said, let's come down and have a great time.

Bob and Janet Baylis, Main Street Auto, 676 Main Street, Clinton MA 01510

(978) 368-0088

For members interested in selling their Miatas:

•Miatas for sale will be prominently displayed

•Local and regional advertising will bring in people from the community that might be interested in your vehicle

•Call or email Main Street Auto if you'd like to bring your Miata to the garage early so it will be included in a picture that will appear in the Auto-Hunter

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