Event: Museum of Science Brunch
Location: Museum of Science Boston, MA
Date/Time: March 2nd, 2003/10:30:00 AM
Contact: Les Barton, 508-824-5467, lesbarton@safetyinsurance.com
The brunch only is $24.00 per adult.
The brunch with the Omni movie is $32.00 per adult.
The brunch with the "Quest for Immortality" show is $35.00 per adult.
The brunch with both the movie and Quest is $40.00 per adult.

This is a pretty good deal as all prices inculde parking and admission to the musuem.

Please make your own reservation directly with the Museum for the 11:00am seating and pick the package that you would like.
Reservations / Information: (617) 723-2500

We will all meet in the Museum lobby at 10:30am then proceed to the Skyline Dining Room.
Please let Les know if you are coming and after you reserve your package.

Link to the Museum: www.mos.org
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